Alcona County:

Harrisville Methodist Ch217 N State Rd ------------ Mon 7pm  ------C/D
Harrisville EMS Station 2600 E M-72 -------------------Sat 7pm ------ C/HA
                            ***starting Dec. the Lincoln meeting is at 7pm*** 
Lincoln United Methodist Ch. 101 E Main -------------- Fri 7pm ----- C/HA

Spruce Lutheran Ch. 1246 E Spruce Rd ------------- Wed 7pm ----- C/HA

Mikado Comm of Christ Ch. 3155 E Mikado Rd. ---- Sun 7pm --- OD/HA
     Arenac County:

Sterling: Health Center East Bldg. 725 E State ------Mon 10am-OD/HA
Sterling: Methodist Ch. 201 E Main St. -Thu Noon -Sun 8pm --- C/HA

Standish: Resurrection Ch. 423 W Cedar (M-61) ----Thu 8pm ------C/D
Standish: Grace Episcopal 117 S Grove St ---------- Mon 8pm ------C/D

Omer: Arenac Council on Aging 131 Clyde ----------  Wed 8pm --- C/HA

Pinconning: Wesleyan Ch800 Horn ------------------- Tue 8pm --- C/HA
        👇👇    The Wed Noon VFW meeting has moved to 👇👇
Pinconning: Bible Baptist Ch. 300 Arthur St.-------- Wed noon -- C/HA
Pinconning: St Mary's Ch739 W Cody Estey ------- Fri 8pm -------C/D 

     Clare Co:

Clare: Congregational Ch. 110 W Fifth St (US10) 3rd Wed Speaker O
           Mon & Sat noon OPEN ---------- Tue, Wed & Fri 8pm----- C/HA

Coleman: Faith Methodist Ch. 205 Jefferson St. ----Thu 8pm ---- C/HA

Farwell: United Methodist Ch. 281 E. Ohio  Sun & Mon 8pm --- C/HA

Harrison: Gathering 426 N1st Suite #106  Fri Sat &Sun 8pm -- C/HA
----Gathering is across the parking lot from Michigan Works ----------

Harrison: Congregational Ch.211 W. Spruce  Tue &Thu 8pm ----C/HA
----------------------------(1st Thu Open Speaker) ------------------------ C/HA

Harrison: Cong. Ch. 211 W. Spruce ---------12x12 Mon 7pm -----C/HA

MarionSt Agnes Ch. 603 E Main St  ------------------ Sat 8pm ---- C/HA
Marion: VFW       530 W. Main  -------------------------- Wed 8pm ----C/D

    Crawford County:

Grayling: St Francis Ch. 6441 W. M-72 Mon, Wed & Fri Noon--C/HA
Grayling: St Francis Ch. 6441 W. M-72 --Sun, Tue & Fri 8pm --- C/HA
 ---------------- (Last SunPotluck at 7pm / Speaker at 8pm)----------- OD

Grayling: St Francis Ch. 6441 W. M-72  - Thu Noon Women----- C/HA
Grayling: Mercy Center  Behind Hospital ------------- Thru 8pm--- C/HA
Grayling: Township Hall Viking Way-off West M-72 -- Sat Noon ---C/D
    Gladwin County:

Beaverton: 201 Ross St 3rd Sun Open Speaker-Sun &Thu 8p---C/HA
Gladwin: First Street Ministry (M-18) Mon & Wed noon ------------C/D
-----------First St. & State St.----------- Fri 8pm, Sat 10am --------- C/NS

Gladwin: Free Methodist 1312 State ---------- Tue &Thu 10am ---C/HA
Gladwin: St Paul's Episcopal 211 Cedar --- Wed 8pm, Fri 10am - C/D
Gladwin: Christ King 600 S- M-18 ------------ Big Book Fri 7pm ---C/HA

Edenville: St Ann's   5798 M-30 ----------- Mon 8pm, Wed 10am --C/D

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  Last update: 12/3/2017 

C = Closed (Alcoholics Only)   O = Open (All Welcome)        D=Discussion, S=Speaker, BB=Big Book, 12x12
HA = Handicapped Accessible W = Women   All are NO SMOKING          

     Iosco County:

Tawas: 1st Baptist Ch.------ 401 Second St  ---------------Mon 8pm  ----C/D     
Tawas: St Joseph Hop ------200 M-55 Rm. C -----Wed &Thu 8pm --- C/HA

East Tawas: Grace Lutheran Ch. 401 Main St ----------- Sun 8pm ----- C/D
East Tawas: Grace Lutheran Ch. 401 Main St--------------Sat 8pm ---- O/S
East Tawas: Holy Family Ch. 403 Wilkinson -------------- Tue 8pm ---- C/HA
East Tawas: K of C Hall - 821 Newman -- Mon Tue & Wed Noon ---- C/HA
East Tawas: Christ Episcopal Ch. ----- 201 Westover ---- Fri 8pm ---- C/HA

Hale: Library ----------------- M-65 ----------------------------- Mon 1pm ----OD/HA
Hale: United Methodist ---- 201 Main ----------------------- Thu  8pm ----- C/HA

Mikado: Meeting    St. Raphael Cath. Ch -------------------- Sun 2pm  -----C/D

Oscoda: Assembly of God 5581 US -23--Woman's Meeting Wed 11--- O/D
Oscoda: Assembly of God 5581  U.S-23  --Woman's -  Mon Noon ---- C/D
Oscoda: Assembly of God 5581  U.S-23 --------- Tue Fri Sat Noon ---- O/
Oscoda: RJ Parks Library 6010 N Skeel ------------------ Thu Noon ---- C/HA
Oscoda: Grace Church     6012 N Skeel --------------------Thu 6pm -----C/HA
             Grace on the Base Thur. 6pm  **** Open Speaker**** 
Oscoda: United Methodist Ch. 120 W Dwight Thu 8pm,Fri Noon -----C/HA
Oscoda: America Legion 349 S State ---------------------Tue 5 pm -----C/HA

Whitmore: United Methodist Ch. 110 North St --12x12-- Mon 8pm---- C/HA

     Ogemaw County:

West Branch: 12 Step House  236 S 1st St.  Corner of Ripley                       Sun, Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu, Fri,Sat @ Noon Thu,Fri,Sat @ 8 pm
West Branch First United Methodist 2490 State ---------- Tue 10am ---- C/D
West Branch: Trinity Episcopal     100 E M-55 ------------ Sat 10am ---- C/
West Branch: Trinity Episcopal Women's Meeting ------- Wed 1pm ---- C/D
      👇 👇                 New Meeting in West Branch     👇👇     
West Branch Regional Hospital: Exe. Dining Room -- Wed 7pm ---- O/D

Lupton: Rose Twp Hall 3380 Lupton Rd --------------------- Mon 7pm ---- C/D

Rose City: Police Sta.   ----- 310 N. M-33 ------------- Wed 7pm ----- C/D
Rose City: Prince of Peace  M-33 & Sage Lk .Rd. -- Sun 7pm-----C/HA

Skidway Lake: Faith Lutheran 5315Henderson Lk Rd Sat 8pm --- C/D

      Oscoda County: 

Luzerne: Fire Hall 2284 Deeter Rd Mon & Fri 11am-Mon BB Study C/HA
                                   ----------------- Wed & Sat 8pm -----------------------C/HA
Mio: Library         M-72 ------------------------------------------Thu 6pm ----- O/HA
Mio: New Praxis Ch. 331 N.Mt.Tom Rd. (M-33)     Wed11am-----C/HA

     Roscommon County: 

Houghton Lake: Alano Club  2410 N Markey --Monday 7pm ------- C/D/HA
---Sun 10am---Tue, Wed, Thu, 8pm -- C/HA --- Fri & Sat 8pm------- Open
Houghton Lake: United Methodist 7059 W M-55 ---------- Wed 7pm---- C/D

Prudenville: St John's Lutheran Ch. 2288 M-55 ---Tue & Sat 10am --- C/HA
Prudenville: Denton Town Hall 2565 S Gladwin Rd.  Mon 9:30 am-----C/HA                             👆    New Meeting in Prudenville   👆

Roscommon: K of C Hall 165 Federal ---------- Thu 8pm, Sun 4pm---- C/HA
Roscommon: K of C Hall 165 Federal -----------------------Fri 8 pm ------ O/HA
Roscommon: Beacon Assembly of God 250 Lake Tue & Thu 11am C/HA
                             👇     New Meeting in Roscommon    👇
Roscommon: Free Methodist Church  1515 N. M-18 ----Wed Noon ----- O

St Helen: Civic Cent 1711 St. Helen Rd. Mon, Thu, Fri 10am, Tue 7 pm C
            Corner of Poole & St Helen Rd South of Marathon Station

Lake City: Methodist Ch. 501 E John -----------------Tue & Thu 8pm ---C/HA

"Whenever anyone, anywhere reaches out for help I want the hand of AA always to be there, and for that I am responsible."
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Some professionals refer to alcoholism and drug addiction as "substance abuse" or "chemical dependency." Non-alcoholics are, therefore, sometimes introduced to A.A. and encouraged to attend A.A. meetings. Non-alcoholics may attend open A.A. meetings as observers, but only those with a drinking problem may attend closed A.A. meetings.

Singleness of Purpose and Problems Other Than Alcohol